g.o.d Release 5th Teaser Feat. Yoon Kye Sang

The long-standing idol group g.o.d is most likely to have a comeback in the first week of July. Although not confirmed, the date seems most likely, according to insiders. 

g.o.d initially planned to release a new song on July 2, aiming to top the music charts for all of July. However, with the photo shoot for the album jacket being delayed, the music release also had to be pushed back. 

Another insider claimed that the group will officially announce their comeback date sometime this week. g.o.d is rumored to have had a lot of trouble picking the title track, as the album quality is very high and the title track kept being changed. The album is said to be extremely varied in genres, as they touch upon their strong genres, from club dance tunes to sad ballads. 

The first generation idol group also released its fifth teaser, and while there are various dates being shared for its comeback, the video puts the date of July 1. This fifth teaser focused on Yoon Kye Sang and also has the words, “Sorry for making you wait so long.” 

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