No Min Woo Is Pretty Enough to be Rumored as Choi Hong Man’s Girlfriend

Singer-actor No Min Woo revealed a rather embarrassing rumor about him through a guesting at Mnet Toilet on June 26.

During the show, photos of No Min Woo were shown on screen and a photo of the singer-actor together with mixed martial artist Choi Hong Man caught the eyes of the hosts.

“There were a lot of controversies (about that photo.) Actually that photo was supposed to be exclusive to my fanclub members but somehow it got to be circulated,” No Min Woo explained.

No Min Woo’s striking good looks was enough to cause a lot of buzz, according to the singer-actor. “We took the photo for fun but rumors that I was Hong Man hyung’s girlfriend got around,” said No Min Woo. “It was really embarrassing.”

No Min Woo

Well, that’s awkward!