Infinite to Make an Appearance on Comedy Show “Oot Chat Sa”

The members of Infinite will be appearing on the June 27 broadcast of SBS’ comedy show called, “Oot Chat Sa,” in a segment known as “I Love You Korea.”

The “I Love You Korea” act that features Infinite’s Hoya, L, and Dongwoo, as well as comedians Lee Eun Hyung and Hong Hyun Hee, will be portraying the Hallyu culture and the international fans’ growing interest in K-pop stars in a comedic and humorous way.

On stage, the Infinite members will act out possible scenarios that would be very likely to happen with fans in front of their dorm in real life, but with a fun twist. The comedians are expected to take on the role of extremely passionate Infinite fans who do various things in order to meet their idols, such as pitching a tent in front of the group’s dorm.

It was reported that the Infinite members never lost their laughter during practice for the segment, and gave it their all despite their busy promotion schedules.

The broadcast will be airing on June 27 at 11:20 PM (KST) on SBS.