Movie Version of “Doctor Stranger” Set for Release in China

The great demand for “Doctor Stranger” in China has spawned a 120-minute movie version of the whole drama set for release on the big screen.

According to an interview with Dispatch, a representative from “Doctor Stranger” has confirmed that a movie version of the drama is in the works. “It’s true that there will be a movie version for ‘Doctor Stranger’ in China. There’s only four more episodes left until the end of the series. There will be more detailed talks with the China side after the drama ends,” said the representative from “Doctor Stranger.”

The 20-episode drama will be shortened into a movie version, according to the representative. “The 1,400-minute drama will be cut short to a 120-minute version. We’re also in the talks of having it dubbed in Chinese to be more accessible for the Chinese fans.”

This is the first time that a Korean drama will be edited as a movie version. Normally, other countries obtain publishing rights and have local actors work on a remake of the drama. But “Doctor Stranger” is planning to make new movie contents from the standard drama that it is airing.

It also seems that there will be an addition to the story line. “There’s a possibility that we’ll change the story line a bit in consideration of the emotions of the Chinese viewers,” said the representative. “Because of this, there will be an additional one week of filming. We’re currently fixing the schedules of both the production crew and the actors.”

The representative also revealed that the movie is set for release only in China. “We are targeting only the Chinese fans for this movie and thus, we are planning to premier this movie only in China.” Other than these information, the representative didn’t elaborate further and said that the particular information about the movie such as the premier date are still not confirmed. “We’ll know after we have discussed about it,” said the representative.

Lucky fans in China!