Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins are Growing Up So Fast on “Superman Returns!”

Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons, Seo Un and Seo Jun, of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns” have been drawing attention for the fast rate at which they’re growing up!

On the upcoming June 29 broadcast of “Superman Returns,” viewers will be able to catch the adorable twin boys learning how to dribble a ball, after previously displaying their abilities to walk and talk. Seo Un and Seo Jun have continued to surprise viewers with their tremendous growth and development rate, week after week.

In a recent filming for the show, Lee Hwi Jae took his sons on a fun trip to a forest in Seoul, where they had a picnic. During the picnic, the twins’ dad brought out a big gym ball to pass around with them. Seo Un began kicking the ball with his feet, while Seo Jun showed off his dribbling skills.

After seeing this, Lee Hwi Jae said, “No matter what anyone else says, I definitely consider it the kids’ first dribble,” causing laughter.

Don’t miss out on this episode of “Superman Returns,” airing on June 29 at 4:10 PM (KST).
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