AOA Dresses Up as Girls’ Generation for Special Music Bank Performance

Idols cosplaying as other idols? Looks good to me.

Girl group AOA recently released a photo of some of their members dressed as Girls’ Generation for a special stage on today’s episode of “Music Bank.” Member Hyejung shared two photos of the group through the official Twitter account. She wrote, “This is Hyejung! We turned into Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr’! Does it match well? We practiced really hard. You will watch it live, right? Please anticipate ‘Short Hair’!”

In the photos, the members of AOA are wearing the altered suits Girls’ Generation wore for their “Mr.Mr.” promotions. 

AOA had also previously released another photo, this time with Girl’s Day and BESTie, of a dance practice. It looks like all three girl groups will be holding a special stage on “Music bank.” 


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