Hong Suk Chun Says Many Celebrity Couples Enjoy Private Dates at His Restaurant

TV personality Hong Suk Chun shared that celebrity couples visit his restaurant to go on private dates.

On the June 28 broadcast of KBS W’s “The King of Ratings,” Hong Suk Chun made an appearance and revealed, “Celebrity couples often have secret dates at the restaurant I own. For example, there’s the Ji SungLee Bo Young couple, and the TabloKang Hye Jung couple.”

He continued, “Also, many celebrities come back [to my restaurant] after breaking up, with another boyfriend/girlfriend. Recently, a singer who has been gaining popularity visited with a date,” raising people’s curiosity.

When asked how he keeps the celebrity couples’ secret, Hong Suk Chun shared, “When a celebrity couple comes, I empty out the entire floor. Depending on their level, there are some adjustments that have to be made.”

This episode of “The King of Ratings” will be airing on June 28 at 3:30 PM (KST).