Jung Joon Young Prepares for Comeback Promotions with His Puppy

Singer Jung Joon Young, who recently had a comeback with his latest single “Teenager“, released pictures and a video showing how he prepared for this comeback – with his pet dog! 

In a tweet posted on June 27, he tweeted pictures of himself with his pet dogs on his way to the “dog kindergarten” before his very first music program performance the same day. 

Jung Joon Young is famous for being a dog-lover celebrity. He also posted a short video on his official twitter page the same day, of himself playing with one of his dogs. According to his staff, he often brings his dogs to work. 

Jung Joon Young recently released his single “Teenager” and held a successful media showcase. His first TV appearance was on “Music Bank“, where he performed “Teenager” on television for the first time. 

Check out the pictures and the video below!

Jung Joon Young puppy