Actresses Lee Young Ah and Kim Yoo Jung Have an Eating Competition on “Seven Tasters”

The June 27 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Seven Tasters” will show the last episode of the China series, in which the cast members were divided into two teams before setting out on a trip to the country’s capital, Beijing, and exploring China’s ‘Silk Road.’

In order to divide up the teams, an eating competition took place amongst the members. The very first round placed actresses Lee Young Ah and Kim Yoo Jung head to head in a battle to eat stamina health food. The male cast members were shocked to see what the actresses had to eat, exclaiming, “This is the strongest ‘health food’ that’s ever appeared [on the show]!” and “How do you eat this?” However, Lee Young Ah, known as an ‘eating goddess,’ surprised everyone as she took a bite without any hesitation, and even evaluated the taste.

Unlike the previous broadcasts, during which Kim Yoo Jung had displayed her abilities to eat anything she was given, she expressed panic for the first time after the food was revealed on this day.

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