“Fated To Love You” Releases Stills of Jang Nara

“Fated To Love You” released stills of Jang Nara in which post-it notes cover her desk and stills of her posing as if she’s an expert of odd jobs.

“Fated To Love You” is the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama on MBC that reunites Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara after 12 years. On June 25, the production released stills of Kim Mi Young’s (Jang Nara) unusual desk, which is receiving attention.

Jang Nara plays the role of Kim Mi Young, a contract worker for a law firm in which her appearance, education nor abilities stand out. At a vacation spot, she spends the night with a complete stranger and ends up as the heroine of extraordinary circumstances when she becomes pregnant.

In the drama she has no sense of being, but she has a crazy existence just like her desk. The colorful post-it notes have completely occupied Jang Nara’s desk. There aren’t any places free from the post-it notes, as her computer monitor, partition and calendar are fully covered with post-it notes. At the same time, it’s causing Jang Nara to laugh, even as she handles the crazy amount of work she has to do while half of her monitor screen is covered in post-it notes. She is carrying a heap of documents, and she has harmonized with the office chair. Viewers are anticipating seeing Jang Nara as the expert of odd jobs.