Chu Sarang is Reborn as a Fashionista in “Superman Returns”

Chu Sarang of the KBS variety program “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns” seems to have been reborn as a fashionista.

Chu Sarang will show off her fashion sense as a charismatic model in the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns” that airs on June 29. Sarang’s fashion sense is strong enough to crush the stronghold that her mother, famous model Yano Shiho, maintains.

On this day, Chu Sarang was engrossed in playing with makeup in front of the dresser. Sarang used her strong fingers to comb her hair and pretended to dry her hair. After finishing her hair, Sarang pulled out lipstick, pursed her lips and evenly applied the lipstick, and her high level of skill drew laughter.

Sarang entered a fashion show after finishing her makeup. After changing into a colorful one-piece dress, Chu Sarang showed off her fashion sense that is unforgettable by wearing accessories such as earrings and necklaces.

Chu Sung Hoon was standing in front of the mirror, and Sarang was showing him all of the poses. He said to her “Aigoo, you’re cute! I want to show this to your mommy!” There’s a rumor that he couldn’t take his eyes off of Sarang, who resembled a Yano Shiho mini-me.

The episode airs June 29 at 4:10 PM.