K.Will Poses with Starship Family to Celebrate His “One Fine Day” Comeback

Singer K.Will recently took a photo with the other members of his agency to commemorate his comeback.

On June 27, K.Will’s agency, Starship Entertainment, uploaded the picture to the company’s official Twitter along with the following comment: “To celebrate ‘Music Bank’s’ half year stage and K.Will’s comeback ‘Day 1,’ we give you the members of Starship Entertainment! Who among them is the most good looking? Everyone says it’s K.Will.”

The photo shows K. Will posing congenially with Sistar, Boyfriend, Junggigo, and the other members of Starship Entertainment. The members’ expressions are playful and they appear close. Each made an appearance during KBS 2TV “Music Bank’s” special biannual episode; in particular, the date was special for K.Will as it marked his official comeback. On June 26, he revealed and started promoting the title track “Day 1” from his fifth mini album “One Fine Day.” The full album will be released on June 30.

Netizens who saw the picture commented “It’s like they’re going to a noraebang,” “At last they are all together,” and “K.Will is the most handsome.”