C-Clown’s Rome Doesn’t Just Sing, He Produces Too

Idol turned idol producer Rome of C-Clown has released a photo of himself editing a video ahead of his latest comeback. In the picture, which was published on June 29 through C-Clown’s SNS, shows the group’s leader sitting in front of a laptop computer, completely immersed in his work.

A representative for Yedang Entertainment stated that “Even though Rome is not yet while known as a producer, we are still receiving requests for his work,” and “In total he has planned, produced and edited seven episodes of C-Clown TV without any help from the agency.”

Netizens who saw the picture commented “Rome is really well-rounded,” “Maybe he is making a teaser?”, and “His ability is limitless.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown is finalizing their latest album ahead of their July 8 comeback.