Siwan Was Scared to Kiss T-Ara’s Jiyeon?

Im Siwan of ZE:A recently commented on the kiss scene that he filmed with T-Ara’s Jiyeon.

On June 27, MBC uploaded a video of the kiss scene on the official site for its drama “Triangle,” titled “It’s a kiss scene, but a boring one.”

A representative for “Triangle’s” production agency explained “The kiss sets Yoon Yang Ha’s (Siwan’s character) heart aflutter but the girl in the scene is not the one he likes.”

While filming the scene of their characters’ first meeting, Siwan and Jiyeon could not help but continually burst into laughter. Siwan plays Jiyeon’s arranged marriage partner Yoon Yang Ha, who later disregards her in favor of Oh Jeong Hee. Siwan cheered on Jiyeon, who had to initiate the kiss, sending her the message “Jiyeon fighting!”

When the production crew pointed out that Siwan shouldn’t close his eyes during the kiss scene, Siwan replied with a shy smile, “I can’t close my eyes? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize… I won’t close them,” causing those watching to burst into laughter. Siwon’s constant chant “be dull, be dull,” added to the hilarity.