[Updated with More Photos] f(x)’s Luna Releases Individual Teaser for “Red Light”

Following members Krystal, Sulli and Victoria, f(x) member Luna is up next in releasing her individual photo teaser for the group’s upcoming third album “Red Light.”

In the photo, Luna, who dons thick eyeliner and a black hair bob cut, gives an electrifying glare at the camera. Her white turtleneck contrasts perfectly with the rest of her gothic look. As with the other members, we can expect more teaser pictures from Luna within the next few hours.


“Red Light” will be dropping on July 7. The girls will be making their comeback on M! Countdown on July 3.

Updated with more teasers as SM releases them throughout the day:

f(x) luna 8 f(x) luna 7 f(x) luna 6 f(x) luna 5 f(x) luna 4 f(x) luna 3 f(x) luna 2 f(x) luna 1

f(x) luna 13 f(x) luna 12 f(x) luna 11 f(x) luna 10