Younha Drops Preview of Her Own Solo Version of Epik High’s “Umbrella”

A video teaser for solo star Younha’s forthcoming release, “Umbrella,” has been uploaded to YouTube. The song is a remake of a hit for Epik High, which also featured the vocals of Younha. The new track is being released to mark the tenth anniversary of Younha’s musical debut.

Originally penned by Epik High member Tablo, “Umbrella” was a slow-tempo hip hop track which featured a hook sung by Younha. However, it appears that Tablo has gone back to the drawing board for the new version of the song, making some adjustments to it in order to better suit a solo singer.

The 23-seond-long video features footage of Younha standing in a rain-soaked street holding an umbrella. A piano track, which sounds similar to that used in the 2008 original, plays, and the lyric, “Forever in the rain,” is sung twice.

A final scene reveals what appears to be the release date for the new song, June 2.

Younha Umbrella

Younha’s most recent musical effort was “All-Day Everyday,” a commercial tie-in with Dunkin’ Donuts, which featured hip hop star Kanto, released earlier this month.

You can check out Epik High’s version of “Umbrella,” from 2008, in the video below.