Park Hyungsik Secretly Pays for Soldiers’ Lunch, Thanks Them for Their Service

On June 29, one active-duty soldier made a post online about his recent experience with ZE:A member Park Hyungsik.

The post was titled “Park Hyungsik, who paid for our soldiers’ lunch,” and said, “Hello, I’m a twenty-two-year-old soldier. Today (June 28), while out for vacation, we met a ‘real man.’ We went out to a restaurant for lunch, and sitting two tables next to us were ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and Kwanghee. We were surprised to see them, so we kept glancing over throughout the meal. When we finally got up to leave, the employee there told us that the bill was already taken care of.”

“We asked the employee who it was, and he said someone named Park Hyungsik paid the bill and left a note. The note said, ‘Thank you for your service. Stay strong!’ We were so thankful, I’m leaving this message. Please share it so others will see, as well.

 Upon Star News’ confirmation, Park Hyungsik and Hwang Kwanghee were eating lunch around the area of the MBC Dream Center after their rehearsal for “Show! Music Core,” when they saw the soldiers.

Park Hyungsik is currently appearing on the variety show “Real Men,” where celebrities experience life in the military.