100% Is Armed with Flowers for “You’re Pretty” Teaser, Updated with Rockhyun’s Video Teaser

Boy group 100%, who recently announced the upcoming release of a new summer album called “Sunkiss,” just released their teaser image for their title track, “You’re Pretty.” The concept for their new teaser image is ‘a man with flowers,’ and features the boys in bright summer colors and outfits.

“You’re Pretty” is a fun summer track with a light brass and guitar sound, fit for the summer weather in complements with its fresh melody.

“Sunkiss” will be released on July 7, and the five-member group will start their promotions with “You’re Pretty” on the July 3 episode of MnetM!Countdown.” 


Updated with Rockhyun’s teaser:

See other members’ teasers here.