T-ara’s Hyomin Says the Difference Between Her Debut and Jiyeon’s Is “Cute Sexy vs. Mature Sexy”

T-ara’s Hyomin, who recently made her solo debut with “Nice Body,” held a press conference on June 30, where she named the difference between her and fellow T-ara member Jiyeon’s solo ventures as “cute vs. mature.”

She said, “We [Jiyeon and I] talked about that [our contrasting points] a lot too. First, at the base of it all, both of our concepts are sexy. We are female artists, and in terms of Jiyeon, because she is the youngest of our group, she really tried to portray a mature image on stage.”

“For me, I went for a healthy, bright, and cute sort of sexy. It may not have come off as much through the teasers and photos that were released, but if you see the stage performance, I think people will be able to see the difference between our performances.”

Hyomin’s title track “Nice Body” is a work by Brave Brothers, featuring rapper Loco. The new album also features an original song by Hyomin herself, called “Dam (談, 膽),” for the Chinese characters meaning tale and courage.

What do you think? Which concept do you like more? Hyomin’s “cute sexy” or Jiyeon’s “mature sexy”?