Agencies and Their Singers to Battle It Out on Mnet’s New Show “Singer Game”

Music channel Mnet will be producing a new survival show that puts leading talent agencies face-to-face in tough challenges.

A representative of CJ E&M revealed on June 29, “‘Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before‘ will end its run after four episodes. ‘Singer Game‘ will be the new follow-up show.”

According to the source, “Singer Game” is a competition between talent agencies. Three teams from the agencies will participate in the show, and they will face each other three times to find out the strongest performers. The stakes are high as the winning team will receive 10 million won (~10,000 USD).

Unfortunately, “Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before” did not live up to the expectations and failed to extend its run. While the show received praises for revealing the hidden charms of popular artists, the format was not fresh and appealing enough to make the cut.

“Singer Game” will start filming in the beginning of July, and the pilot episode will air at two to three weeks later.