N Spends a Happy 25th Birthday with His Fellow VIXX Members

Boy group VIXX has released a photo taken during member N’s birthday.

On June 30, VIXX uploaded the picture to their official Twitter, titled “Congratulations to N on his 25th birthday!” In the picture, a brightly smiling N and the rest of his group mates pose companionably together. N expressed his gratitude towards his friends by commenting on the photo “Together with my bright stars Taek Woon, Jae Hwan, Won Shik, Kong, and Hyok, I’m a happy person today! Let’s always be friends.”


One day previously, the group had released photos of N, Hyuk, and the rest of the members together with a birthday cake after finishing their goodbye stage on SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

VIXX is busy wrapping up promotions for the title track of their fourth single “Eternity” and will embark on their first solo concert VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [HEX SIGN] from July 18-20.