Mom Reveals Son Jo Se Ho from “Roommate” Wanted to Commit Suicide

Comedian Jo Se Ho’s parents appeared on the June 30 broadcast of SBS reality program “Roommate,” where she revealed that her son wasn’t always full of smiles and pranks in the past.

“We set our son up with an officetel on the 15th floor before,” the mother shared. “I went over to clean up the place, and our son said that he wanted to jump off the balcony from the 15th floor.”

With tears, she said, “I become the most worried when he doesn’t have work.” Jo Se Ho’s mother shared her thanks to the show members. “Also, I’m very glad that he now has hyungs, noonas, and dongsaengs to talk with through ‘Roommate.’”

Jo Se Ho couldn’t hide his tears after hearing his mother talk about his sensitive past, and the rest present followed suit.

“Roommate” airs every Sunday at 4:15 p.m. (KST).

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