Nam Bora Has a Big and Happy Family

On June 29, actress Nam Bora uploaded a picture of her and her family to her personal Instagram account.

“A family meal—15 people together makes for a big meeting! This is a goodbye party for my younger brother who is going to start his military service. It’s not easy for us all to meet together like this, but fortunately today everyone was able to make time,” she wrote. “To be honest reality hasn’t sunk in yet… but when I see his shaved head and uniform, and when he leaves our home, I should believe that he is really going, right?” She wrote of her brother. “I want to go visit him in the military together with my family but because of my schedule it’s impossible. Huuu.. so sad. He’s the first in our family to go to the army.. ah I’m so nervous. He’ll do well, right? I’m worried.. But today we ate well and had a good time.”

In the picture, one can see Nam Bora with her eight brothers and five sisters gathered together at a restaurant. One only has to glance at the photo to see how close they are.

Netizens commented “What a nice family,” “Her family must give her emotional strength,” “I just saw her brother on TV a few days ago and he’s already already going to the army!”, and “Return to us safely.”

Nam Bora