Shoo’s Family Participates in Pictorial for Jewelry Brand J.Estina and Lifestyle Magazine “Lemon Tree”

Former S.E.S member Shoo and her twin girls and son shot a pictorial for the lifestyle magazine Lemon Tree. The pictorial was shot in collaboration with the jewelry brand J.Estina in order to promote the “Campaign for No Missing Child.” In addition to two other families, Ahn Jung Hwan‘s son Ri Hwan who is currently appearing in the second season of “Daddy, Where Are We Going” and his mother Lee Hye Won participated as well.

One of the main reasons why J.Estina is collaborating with the magazine is that last fall, a child wearing a J.Estina bracelet was found after she went missing. Many mothers felt that the bracelet was a big help in finding back that child.

As kids’ jewelry becomes more and more popular, J.Estina is offering to engrave the parents’ names and phone numbers on the jewelry items in case of accidents. A representative of the brand said, “Through this campaign, we decided to give away jewelry to 100 children of multicultural families in order to prevent them from going missing. We hope it turns out to be good cause for them.”

Shoo and Lee Hye Won's pictorial