Hyomin Releases “Nice Body” Dance Practice and Performance of Self-Composed Song “Overcome”

With Hyomin releasing her debut solo mini album “Nice Body” and music videos yesterday, she has now also revealed the dance practice for the song.

Rapper LOCO is also seen in the dance practice as he will be joining Hyomin’s live promotions for “Nice Body.” We also see them using the same stage props that were seen in the dance version music video.

In addition to the dance practice, a practice performance of her first self composed track “Overcome” was also revealed. Hyomin worked alongside SPEED’s Taewoon on recording and directing the song. We can expect her to perform the song live for her special debut stages on Music programs this week.

“Overcome” Live practice

Recently, Hyomin talked about the difference between her debut and Jiyeon’s as being “Cute Sexy vs. Mature Sexy.”