Tiny-G Drops Second Video Teaser feat. Member J.Min

Tiny-G will return as a 3-member group after Myungji expressed her desire to pursue acting.

The girl group released the second video teaser featuring member J.Min for “Ice Baby” off of fourth single album of the same name. It starts off with multiple popped balloons on the floor of a big room, which comes back to life as the scene rewinds. The words on the teaser writes “You who speaks!” The words underneath includes, “Sweet, flutter, confess, promise, laugh, and even love.” It ends with “Take them, my tears as well.”

“Ice Baby” contains addictive melody and reflective lyrics expressing the fleeting feelings of a man from his lover like cold ice.

Tiny-G will be releasing their fourth single album on July 3 and will officially kick off promotions on the same day.