Chad Future Collaborates with NU’EST’s Aron for “Got It Figured Out” Music Video

Singer Chad Future collaborated with NU’EST member Aron for his latest track, “Got It Figured Out” and released the music video through his official YouTube channel.

“I Got It Figured Out” is the main track of Chad Future’s first mini album and was produced by Ichiro Suezawa and Drew Ryan Scott. The album also include “Rock the World” featuring VIXX‘s Ravi. The bouncy dance song has catchy brass beat and fun lyrics, mostly in English with a few Korean phrases. The music video keeps up with song’s energy, with funky dance moves, colorful cars, and an electric vintage diner. Fans of NU’ESt will also enjoy Aron’s adorable English rapping. 

Chad Future and Aron also did an interview together and talked about what it was like working together and shooting the music video.