Check Out Ra.D’s Chill and Upbeat Sound for “Fly Away,” First Comeback in 5 Years

Singer Ra.D is back after five years! He will be releasing his third regular studio album this month.

Today (July 1), the singer’s pre-release track was unveiled, titled “Fly Away.” In the music video, Ra.D throws himself from a plane into the one and only spot in the list of singers who have skydived in a music video.

Ra.D’s agency Loen Tree said, “’Fly Away’ is about getting away from the stuffiness of the city. We kept in mind skydiving throughout the whole production process for the song, and made the beats and melody accordingly.”

The title of Ra.D’s new album is “Soundz,” in which, as reflected in the name, Ra.D aims to achieve the ‘sound’ that he’s been going for in his career as an artist and producer.