NU’EST Reveals More Tracklist for “Re:BIRTH” with Images of Aron and Minhyun

Boy group NU’EST, who are releasing the tracklist for their upcoming full length album “Re:BIRTH” member by member, released more of the tracklist, this time featuring the members Minhyun and Aron

The tracklist for the group’s first full length album is released in parts, with parts of the tracklist on each member’s teaser photos. Previously, fans saw the first few songs of the tracklist with the teaser images of Baekho and JR

This time, it’s track four through seven, with two songs listed on Minhyun and Aron’s teaser images each. On Minhyun’s photo, track four is listed as “Love Without Love“, with lyrics that reads “I had dinner with a different woman yesterday”. Track five is “Storybook“, with a lyric that says, “my heart seems to be dancing.” 

On Aron’s image, track six is called “CLIMAX“, with a lyric that reads, “my breath fills up as if time has stopped.” Track seven is titled “Lend Me Your Shoulders“, and the chosen teaser lyrics are “For giving me a shoulder, that’s what L.O.Λ.E is all about,” with the V upside down, most likely a reference to the NU’EST‘s fanclub name, L.O.Λ.E

Now the only teaser image left is Ren‘s. NU’EST’s “Re:BIRTH” will be released on July 9. 

Check out the images below.

Minhyun Nuest Teaser Aron Nuest Teaser