g.o.d Releases the Much Awaited Music Video for “Sky Blue Promise”

The long-standing idol group g.o.d has finally dropped the music video for their pre-release track, “Sky Blue Promise.” 

A follow-up to their previous hit digital single “Ugly Duckling“, “Sky Blue Promise” is also written by popular songwriting team Duble Sidekick

Pre-released on July 1, “Sky Blue Promise” is a classic g.o.d medium tempo song, with spin-off lyrics from g.o.d’s “One Candle” from their third album. It is being dubbed as “the second ‘Sky Blue Balloon‘”, as “Sky Blue Promise” is also a song dedicated to g.o.d’s fans. 

The music video for “Sky Blue Promise” shows various behind-the-scenes of g.o.d members working on their upcoming comeback album. 

g.o.d., who have reunited after a nine-year hiatus, will release their much awaited album on July 8 digitally, with offline albums being released on July 9. 

Check out the music video below!