Kara Project Edges Towards Thrilling Conclusion + Current Standings

The newest member (or members) of Kara will be unveiled today on the final round of MBC Music reality audition show “Kara Project,” which airs on the channel at 6pm.

It is now crunch time for the seven contestants, known collectively as Baby Kara, although it has not yet been revealed how many of the hopefuls will make the transition into Kara members. It is thought that the number of new members to make the cut will also be revealed on this evening’s show.

Current results have three contestants, So Jin, Young Ji, and So Min, almost neck-and-neck for the lead, with only just over 2 percentage points separating them, although everything could still change going into the final round.

Kara results

Kara is currently a three-piece after members Nicole and Jiyoung left the group earlier this year.

Public voting, through the Line app, begins at 6:15pm Korean time and ends 30 minutes later. This score will then be combined with scores given by a panel of experts as well as the votes cast by the three Kara members in order to calculate the final results.