Scarlet Invites You to Shake Your Butt in Video Teaser for “Hip Song”

Girl group Scarlet has uploaded a video teaser ahead of the upcoming release of sophomore single album, “Hip Song.” The song is a cover version of a 2003 release by the Banana Girl project, but, from the teaser, it seems that Scarlet has decided to take the track in a different musical direction.

Although it is still hard to be sure, it seems that the new single will be much faster in tempo than the 2003 original, as the teaser’s soundtrack features a more modern, electronica sound. Scenes are shown of the group dancing on a beach by the seafront. The choreography is very energetic, and it is safe to say that it looks like the accompanying dance moves will match the theme of the title very well. The phrase “Shake your butt” is also repeatedly sung throughout the teaser. 

The girls made their debut earlier this year with another dance track, “Do Better,” though their forthcoming release seems to have more of a summer vibe.

The video for “Hip Song” will be released on July 3, and the song will also be made available for digital download on the same day.