[Update] Ex-FIESTAR Member Cheska CONFIRMED to be Dating Geeks’ Lil Boi

Former FIESTAR star Cheska has been secretly dating GeeksLil Boi, according to news agency MBN. The article quotes an anonymous source who claims that the two have been an item for approximately three years, and that they initially bonded over a shared love of hip hop music.

The source was quoted as saying, “They met about three years ago, around the time of FIESTAR’s debut. Geeks had already debuted a year before that. I am aware that they still often go out on dates in Hongdae [a fashionable district of Seoul, famous for its indie music scene].”

Lil Boi is one half of Geeks, a hip hop duo, while Cheska left FIESTAR in March this year after three years with the girl group, announcing that she intended to pursue solo activities.

Meanwhile, Cheska’s former group, FIESTAR, will release its long-awaited comeback song, “One More” on July 2.



Geek’s agency, WA Entertainment, confirmed with various local media sources that member Lil Boi has been dating Cheska for three years after meeting each other through a friend. No further details were given, and as tradition, asked fans to look upon the relationship fondly. 

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