T-ara’s Hyomin Dispels Rumors Regarding Her Alleged Plagiarism of Block B Zico’s Lyrics

T-ara member Hyomin, who recently made her solo debut with “Nice Body,” has spoken up about the controversy regarding her alleged plagiarism of Block B Zico’s lyrics, which was brought up in various online communities. Fans noticed that Hyomin’s self-written song had lyrics similar to Zico’s rap, raising questions of plagiarism.

On July 1, Hyomin posted on her Twitter, “In the beginning of the writing process, I got help from various people, including Taewoon (Zico’s brother). The part of the song in question was actually the part that Zico helped me with.”

“He was taking care in terms of revealing the part that he had helped me with, and I apologize for disappointing you by not telling you sooner. In creating this album, a lot of people helped me with so many things, and I am truly thankful.”

The part in question is a section of Hyomin’s song “Overcome,” which includes lyrics similar to those from Block B’s “Movie’s Over,” Zico’s “God Answered,” “Dead Leaves,” and “Brilliant.”

Zico said, “It’s true that she [Hyomin] said that she wanted to make an homage to a couple of my lines from my mixtape, and she asked for my permission beforehand. To the fans who love my music, I apologize for not notifying you earlier.”