B1A4 Reveals a “Couch Potato” Teaser Image for Jinyoung

A new teaser image for B1A4‘s July comeback was revealed today on their official Facebook page.

Featuring Jinyoung, it says “Couch Potato” as he is seen sitting at, paying full attention to his games. (He is holding a controller for a Sega Dreamcast, a system which was released in 1999). With messy hair and snacks around him, he looks like he is enjoying a summer vacation.

According to B1A4’s schedule, they plan to release teasers every day for the next two weeks, until the release of their new mini album “Solo Day on July 14. Tomorrow we will see a teaser for Sandeul.

Regarding the album, their agency stated, “The music and lyrics for all six tracks on the album have been penned by the members as well as the production. They want to prove that they are musicians.”