NU’EST Reveals Rest of the Tracklist For “Re:BIRTH” with Ren’s Teaser Photo

Boy group NU’EST has released the final set of tracks for their upcoming full length album “Re:BIRTH” with member Ren‘s teaser photo and an extra teaser image. 

NU’EST has been releasing the tracklist for their first full length album “Re:BIRTH” member by member, with bits of the tracklist on each member’s teaser image released through the group’s official Facebook page. 

Track eight through track eleven are listed on the teaser photo of a crystallized mask. This part of the tracklist includes the group’s previous singles “Face“, “Action“, “Hello“, and “Sleep Talking“. 

Ren’s teaser image lists the bonus track of the album called “Hey, Love“, with the lyrics underneath reading, “How should I put it into words, my heart”.

“Re:BIRTH” will be released on July 9. 

Check out the other teaser images and tracklist here and here

nuest teaser photo ren nuest teaser photo