g.o.d Achieves All-Kill on Music Charts with “Sky Blue Promise”

Legendary idol group g.o.d has topped various digital music charts with their latest digital single “Sky Blue Promise“. 

A follow-up to their previous digital single “Ugly Duckling” which also topped numerous digital music charts, “Sky Blue Promise” has done it once again, proving the popularity of the long-standing idol group. 

“Sky Blue Promise”, released on July 1, managed to top nine different charts: Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Genie, Bugs Music, Soribada, Cyworld Music, and Monkey3

On topping the major music charts, the members of g.o.d announced, “it’s just like a dream. We don’t know how to repay our fans for their dedication. We were so anxious until yesterday, but with these number ones, we are happy and thankful.” 

“Sky Blue Promise” is a pre-release track, as g.o.d’s full-length album will be released on July 8 digitally, with the physical album set for a July 9 release.