MBC to Ban Lip-syncing on “Music Core,” Super Junior’s Ryeowook Speaks Up in Response

MBC has revealed their stance on lip-syncing: Idol singers who perform with AR (all recorded: music and voice) and MR (music recorded) on stage will not be allowed on their music show, “Music Core.”
music core lip syncIn an interview with Munhwa Ilbo on July 1, “Music Core” chief producer (CP), Park Hyun Suk, shared, “Those who do not sing on stage do not possess the basic qualities of a singer. We will thoroughly check the MR provided by each agency and get rid of the singers who only open their mouths.”

As a result of idol groups putting more focus on a powerful performance rather than live singing, there are many instances in which it has become too difficult for a majority of them to complete a live performance. It has come to the point where the MR that supports the singers is becoming more like AR.

CP Park expressed, “Out of the idol singers, there are times when only 10-20% of them actually sing live. In many cases, they perform to a recorded live version, which deceives the public into believing they are actually singing.”

MBC has made this decision so that K-pop will be able to keep pace with global standards. As the influence of K-pop continues to grow, the standards that idols are held to will become more and more demanding. In order to not lessen the value and quality of the singers’ performance, MBC came to the decision to ban lip-syncing. If the public is supportive of this change to purify the music industry, MBC believes that other broadcast companies will follow suit.

CP Park also pointed out, “It has become a repetitive cycle of those who sing well, sing, and those who don’t sing, continue to not sing. Even if it’s a group with strong performances, if they are a singer, they need to be able to satisfy the public by actually singing or rapping.”

In an apparent response to the ban on lip-syncing, Super Junior’s Ryeowook spoke out on his personal Twitter saying, “To singers, the sound system is just as important as fancy stage production and lighting..Idol singers who are performance-focused and just open their mouths may be a problem, but to flat-out insist on live performances without room for improvement seems like tyranny.”

What do you think about MBC cracking down on lip-syncing?