Talk Show “Taxi” Reveals Actor Ji Sung Was One Cute Kid

On cable channel’s tvN variety show “Taxi,” actor Ji Sung showed a couple of baby pictures of himself. Actor Lee Kwang Soo was a guest on the show as well and the two shared stories of their childhoods together.

The two actors also talked about their close friendship which ignited after they both starred in the upcoming movie “Confessions” along with Joo Ji Hoon. Ji Sung said, “I don’t drink that much but after I found out that not drinking could not make me become closer to them, I went to go have drinks with them and got much closer.”

MC Lee Young Ja then asked, “What did you guys talk about while drinking?” to which Ji Sung answered, “I said ‘You can’t act’ and talked about a lot of stuff very honestly and that’s how we became so tight.”

On the show, Ji Sung talked about his childhood friend of thirty years and said, “Our fathers are friends so we became friends ever since we were born. At my wedding, my friend (Kim Tae Ho) spoke about our friendship and I cried.”

Ji Sung's baby pic