Younha “Umbrella” MV + Tablo Gives Younha a Live Performance Mission

On July 2, Younha released the music video for her new song “Umbrella,” her solo version for the collaboration that she did with Tablo back in the day, also titled Umbrella.”

Watch the MV for their original collab here.

With the release, Younha and friend and senior Tablo exchanged messages through SNS, where Tablo proposed a mission for Younha. He said, “If it rains, upload a live performance shot in the rain.” If it rains sometime today (July 2), it looks like Younha will be carrying out her mission. Tablo, ever the considerate senior, reminded Younha to bring an umbrella lest she get a cold.

Check out Younha’s solo version of “Umbrella” below!

tablo umbrella