Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Talks About Not Having a Private Life on “Jessica & Krystal”

On the July 1 broadcast of OnStyle’s “Jessica & Krystal,” after spending a relaxing day together—shopping and getting their nails done—Jessica and her stylist sat down at a restaurant and engaged in a serious conversation while drinking Sangria.

Jessica’s stylist began, “For us, we don’t get any time to rest. When others are sleeping, we have to work. Also, we have to go ahead of everyone else and sometimes do things we don’t want to.”

In response to this, Jessica shared her honest opinion, “Not having a private life, it is what it is. That’s how it is. And I don’t really want to play like the kids my age anyway.”

She continued, “There are also times when we have to accept and endure difficulties. But, of course, there are limits.” She then laughed and ended the conversation with, “I think I’m saying these things because I drank alcohol.”

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