Joo Ji Hoon Talks about His Acting in His Debut Drama “Goong”

Actor Joo Ji Hoon recently revealed his thoughts on the 2006 drama “Goong” (“Princess Hours”), which was his debut project, and his acting in it. On July 2, at an interview for his upcoming movie “Confession” (lit. “Good Friends”), he said, “I can’t watch ‘Goong’ now because it’s just so embarrassing. My acting was so awkward.” He continued, “I was really lucky to be able to debut as a main lead. I was really lacking, and as the main lead, all of my weaknesses were just put out there. Now, after having acted for a long time, the set is comfortable to me. And I think that naturally, my acting is coming to me more easily, too.”

“Because I was originally a model, I felt that in the past, I wasn’t able to completely get into the world of acting, and I felt that the industry didn’t wholly accept me as an actor, either. But now, other people see me as an actor, myself included, and it has become much more comfortable.”

“Confession” is the story of three friends (Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Kwang Soo), who after an accident, get caught between loyalty and suspicion with each other. The movie will premiere in October of this year.