Lee Young Ae Saves the Life of a Taiwanese Premature Baby

Actress Lee Young Ae has donated 150 million won (~150,000 USD) to a Taiwanese couple that struggled to pay for surgery when giving premature birth while in Korea.

According to a Taiwanese news outlet, the couple became fans of Lee Young Ae after seeing her hit drama “Jewel in the Palace.” During their recent visit to Korea, they got into an accident, and the woman seven months pregnant begun to show signs of premature labor.

The woman was quickly escorted to a hospital in Seoul, but the couple was soon informed that the baby had to undergo multiple surgeries in order to survive. This caused a problem as the couple was unable to pay for the costly procedures.

Lee Young Ae, who heard about the situation, helped the couple by paying the hospital bills worth 150 million won. At one point, the couple switched hospitals, and this was organized by Lee Young Ae personally. 

Although the actress attempted to keep her actions unknown to the public, the rumors of her helping the Taiwanese fans begun to circulate after the hospital staff opened up about the event. After finding out about the donator, the couple teared up and expressed their immense gratitude for Lee Young Ae. The family left for Taiwan at the end of last month.