WINNER’s Taehyun Gets Pierced by a Rose Thorn in 2nd “WINNER Week” Teaser

Following the first beautiful teaser video starring Jinwoo, YG Entertainment has released the second teaser clip of “WINNER Week!” 

The video starts off with a lady wearing a maid costume walking down the hallway, with a pair of large scissors behind her back. Next, member Taehyun is seen placing pink roses into a vase, and he appears focused on his work. While the mysterious woman begins to reach the room, Taehyun suddenly hurts his finger as he gets pierced by a beautiful but deceiving rose. The film ends with a man kissing a woman’s finger, and the roses suddenly disappear with only the bare stems left in the vase. 

From the mysterious background music to the thrilling cinematography, the clip keeps you interested until the very end – and wanting for more. Many have been wondering if the “WINNER Week” is altogether inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde. He is well-known for his story “The Nightingale and the Rose,” in which rose represents sacrificing oneself for love, and in the first teaser, Jinwoo could be seen reading a book about the legendary author.

Stay tuned for more teasers released this week!