Actress Seo Jung Hee Accused of Swindling 500 Million Won

Actress Seo Jung Hee has been sued for swindling 500 million won and will be undergoing a lawsuit. 

On June 27, Seo Jung Hee was reported by a non-celebrity of swindling money. 

According to the police, the accuser claims that they lent money to Seo Jung Hee in 2011 and 2013, the sum totaling up to 500 million won. They state that they have not received the money. 

Seo Jung Hee is the wife of broadcaster Seo Se Won, who was previously accused of domestic abuse when a security guard called the police after seeing them argue, which turned physical. Seo Jung Hee was briefly hospitalized after the event. She filed a lawsuit against her husband on May 10 to place a restraining order on him. 

The police are currently investigating the swindling accusation against Seo Jung Hee.