Park Hyo Shin Declared Innocent in Lawsuit Filed by Previous Agency

Earlier in May of this year, singer Park Hyo Shin was sued by his previous agency for evasion of debts and fraud. 

In 2012, Park Hyo Shin’s agency at the time sued him for violating his contract, and the singer was ruled by the court to pay up 1.5 billion won (approximately 1.5 million USD) to his former agency for damage. 

His former agency sued him again in December of 2013, claiming that he refused to give up information about his holdings and earnings after his former agency demanded a seizing of his assets. His former agency claimed that Park Hyo Shin has hid his contract deposit with his current agency, destroying any evidence regarding the contract. 

However, the court ruled Park Hyo Shin innocent. Park Hyo Shin’s lawyer Yoo Suk Hwan announced that the court has determined that Park Hyo Shin did not intentionally try to hide his assets. 

Despite these troubles, Park Hyo Shin has completely paid back the 1.5 billion won. He had a successful comeback with his latest single “Wild Flower” in April.