Lee Min Ho’s Fan Buys Press Passes at His Hong Kong Fan Meeting

Numerous press passes were sold and bought at actor Lee Min Ho‘s fan meeting in Hong Kong. 

According to the Chinese media, a Singaporean fan who came to Hong Kong to see Lee Min Ho bought a press pass from a journalist for 10800 yuan (approximately 1700 USD), but was caught by the guards at the entrance. The name written on the press pass was a male name, but the fan attempting to enter was female, which caught the guards’ attention. She was not able to get into the fan meeting. 

The fan meeting, held in Hong Kong on June 29, was only limited to 500 fans. However, 2000 fans showed up for the event, which resulted in desperate fans buying press passes to see their favorite actor. 

The fan who bought the press pass posted her story online, and it was later found that the media outlet written on the pass she purchased did not actually exist. The same media outlet had also requested a press pass for a concert held in May. The fan who bought the pass has reported her story to the police. 

These types of of incidents are becoming more common, as Korean stars’ fanbases become bigger and more desperate to see their stars. Scalpers have started to apply for press passes, and in foreign countries with unfamiliar mass media, it is becoming more difficult to screen these fake journalists from the real ones.