T-ara’s Soyeon Responds to Recent Rumors of Plastic Surgery

On July 2, T-ara’s Soyeon left a message on her personal Twitter account, speaking out against plastic surgery rumors.

These rumors seem to have come about when people began to point out that there is a drastic difference in the T-ara member’s appearance recently, after seeing the selcas that were posted on her Instagram account. Unlike her past cute image, she showed off a more mature beauty, drawing people’s attention.

In the explanation, Soyeon wrote, “It appears that many people have a misunderstanding due to one picture I pulled out of the fifty that I take. I chose and uploaded a photo that I looked good in, but doesn’t look like me at a glance even when I look at it, which is why I think people seem to have misunderstood. I will be careful and try to work harder to prepare better news and updates instead of selcas. I hope there will be no more misunderstandings. Also, please show a lot of interest for Hyomin’s solo album!”
t-ara soyeon