Scarlet Releases Music Video for “Hip Song”

Girl group Scarlet has released the video for the sophomore single, “Hip Song.” The song is the follow-up to the girls’ debut, “Do Better,” released earlier this year.

The video sees the group dancing on a beach and by a swimming pool in matching orange and navy blue outfits, as well as scenes of the girls walking around in an urban setting. Just as the song’s title suggests, there is a copious amount of hip-shaking on display.

“Hip Song” is a remake of a 2003 hit for the Banana Girl music project, the brainchild of producer Bang Si Hyuk. Unlike the original, however, the song has a distinctive club feel to it, a very strong beat, and dubstep influences can be heard throughout. It also features an extended rap breakdown.


Does “Hip Song” make you want to shake your hips, too? Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts!