Actress Yeon Mi Joo Makes a Fierce Cameo Appearance on “Fated to Love You”

Actress Yeon Mi Joo made a special appearance on the pilot episode of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Fated to Love You.”

The star played a mysterious lady called Miss Kim, who was on a mission to seduce Lawyer Min (Kim Yong Hoon) in Macao. In the mecca of gambling, the actress could be seen rocking a sexy outfit with a stand-out headpiece. As Lawyer Min entered the room, she turned around and introduced herself in a fierce manner, saying, “I am Miss Kim, who will burn Seoul to ashes and soon take over Macao as well.”

In the same episode, she gave a call to Company President Park (Jung Eun Pyo) who aims to threaten Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk). She said, “I am on my way. I got it. I am also risking my life,” and raised the expectations for the upcoming second episode.

In related news, Yeon Mi Joo joined Happy Face Entertainment in May.